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“To establish as a centre of excellence in education, research, training, innovation and impart quality education to the students in pharmaceutical sciences”


“To establish a center of academic excellence and research in pharmacy education and thereby produce professionally competent and ethically sound Scientists and Pharmacists to cater to the needs of the global society without compromising on ethics and quality”.

Institute Objectives:

  • To create a centre of excellence for R&D in the field of pharmaceutical sciences with an inter-disciplinary   approach in the emerging areas of Science and Technology with a focus on industry-Academia interaction and cooperation at the National and International level.
  • Practice as successful professionals in manufacturing, quality control, marketing and dispensing of pharmaceuticals.
  • Analyze the problems involved in various pharmaceutical manufacturing processes using modern pharmaceutical tools.
  • Adapt to rapid changes in the field of pharmaceutical sciences through continuous education, professional development and self-study.
  • Communicate effectively among health care professionals and to assume leadership roles appropriate to facilitate improvement in the health and well-being of society.
  • To provide comprehensive knowledge and experience and teach pharmacy ethics to students.
  • To provide exposure to latest techniques and technologies.
  • Apply ethical principles in the profession of pharmacy for the health of society, environmental safety and sustainable development
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